IMPORTANT NOTICE To current users of Talent/CTCT Concrete Technology and Construction course stage 2.

Stage 2 modules 1 to 4 uses Adobe Flash Player technology to deliver the content on the website.

Adobe will no longer support Flash Player content at the end of 2020. Flash will be completely removed from major browsers such as Edge, Internet Explorer, and other  browsers by 31 December 2020 (subject to update setting on your device).

Therefore, we have been working on updating the content and also converting it to HTML5 format, which allows it to run on any common web platform including phones, tablets and laptops.

The new format will also combine pages to form “chapters” and will have some additional content. The end of unit tests will also have additional functionality such as allowing you to see your scores on successive attempts.

In order to complete this conversion procedure it will be necessary to suspend the Stage 2 modules in early January whilst we deliver the new system. We thank you for your patience in advance.

After conversion:

  • You will still be able to see records of progress and units completed by visiting your profile page after logging on.
  • You will not be able to access the old version of the course.
  • You will be able to access the new version of the course.
  • The old version required you to step sequentially through the units whereas the new version allows you free access to the units.
  • The numbering of the new version is not the same as the old as it has fewer units but with multiple pages in each unit.

If you have any difficulty in locating where to start in the new version then please use your personal postbox to contact Talent Concrete Training who will be pleased to assist you.

If you need help with the website contact CTCT:

+44(0)1371 859200

+44(0)7714 928358

We trust you appreciate the need for these changes and will find the new updated material to be just as easy, if not easier, to access.

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